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Typical Problems

Why do people seek therapy?

Most people seeking Hypnotherapy, for help with their problems, can be grouped into one of the following categories:

They are doing something that they do not want to do.

They cannot do something that they would like to do.

They want to improve their current performance in some specific area of their life, e.g. Sport, leisure or work related activity.

They have some long standing ‘medical’ condition which has not responded to conventional medical treatment.

They are seeking some form of self enlightenment, or insight, concerning their life, and their past; this can be particularly helpful for people who need to cope with personal emotional trauma, and for parents and people whose life includes child care responsibilities.

The above list is by no means exhaustive; representing only the more common symptoms and problems for which people from all walks of life might use Hypnotherapy to provide some relief.

It should be stressed that the results that can be obtained using Hypnotherapy are all perfectly explainable, in terms of our knowledge of the way that the mind (the human psyche) works. It isn’t magic, although the results may well appear to be
magical to someone who, say, has been living with a stutter for 20 years or more, only to find that their stutter is diminishing day by day; following a course of therapy.

If you have a problem that you would like to discuss, and would like to have a free initial consultation, then please contact Surrey Hypnotherapist Peter Back, at Surrey Hypnotherapy, by either e-mail or telephone, as detailed in the
Fees & Appointments section of this web site. Then you can meet Peter and discuss the therapy in relation to your own personal situation, and any questions that you might have can be answered.

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People generally seek therapy because hypnotherapy has been recommended to them by a friend or relative. Often the family doctor is the person who, having ruled out physical causes for a problem, suspects that the symptom is possibly psychosomatic in origin, and suggests that the person seeks psychological assistance.

It must be stressed that such people aren’t ‘mentally ill’. They are normal, ordinary, people. In the words of Carl Gustav Jung (an eminent psychoanalyst colleague of Freud’s), “they are afflicted with nothing more than the problems that affect all humanity”.

Common symptoms and problems

The following list contains many of the symptoms and problems for which some relief may be obtained using Hypnotherapy: