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The International Association of Hypno-Analysts

Within the UK the profession of Hypnotherapy is self regulated, by several different organisations, with no one organisation being able to claim to be ‘head of the profession’.

The International Association of Hypno-Analysts (website: www.hypnoanalysis.com
, see Links page) is linked to Europe's largest Hypnotherapy Training School (Hypnotherapy Control Board, established 1974, website: www.hypnotherapy_control_board.org, see Links page), having been set up to represent the graduates of the HCB (Hypnotherapy Control Board) Hypnotherapy Training Course.

Unlike some organisations, with the IAH it is not possible to become a member merely by paying an annual subscription fee. There is only one way to become a member of the IAH, and that is to pass the HCB course of training in Psychotherapy, Analysis and Hypnosis; this enables members to specialise in 'Hypno-Analytical' Therapy.

Established in 1981 as a non-profit making organisation, the IAH is probably the largest group of Analytical Hypnotherapists practising in the world.

The IAH is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of Hypnosis allied to the practice of Psychoanalysis, for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems. Members of the Association are bound by a Code of Practice and Ethics of the highest order: they have satisfied an Examination Board of their knowledge and level of competence and have undertaken to abide by the Rules of the Association which requires, among other things, that they be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and such Certificate of Insurance must be available for inspection.

Members have agreed to discharge each and every client from treatment at the earliest possible moment consistent with that client's good care. Every Member undertakes to respect a client's confidentiality at all times and would not even disclose to a spouse or parent that they were undergoing treatment.

All Members have also undertaken that any hypnotic (or posthypnotic) suggestion given to any client will be so worded that the effect can only be beneficial to the client. They have a clear understanding of the concept of 'Symptom Substitution' (which, without being too technical, means the possibility of switching from, say, Agoraphobia to, say, Claustrophobia) and in consequence will only use Suggestion Therapy for the more minor problems where the probable substitution can be foreseen and thus controlled (e.g. anti-smoking therapy would contain suggestions to avoid overeating).

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